Shonda Rhimes decimates NY Times critic who called her an “angry black woman” 

note to critics of the world: When you’re talking to African-American women, don’t use the tired “angry black woman” stereotype.

New York Times critic Alessandra Stanley, whose journalism career includes a laundry list of inaccuracies and errors, published a disgusting assessment of how Rhimes and her hit ABC series Scandal have changed the television landscape for black women. 

"When Shonda Rhimes writes her autobiography," Stanley begins, "it should be called How to Get Away With Being an Angry Black Woman."

Rhimes didn’t let it go unanswered Follow micdotcom

woooooooowwwwwww!!!! did she really write that? how insulting. i really can’t stand white tv critics now when it comes to writing about things other than their own cultures. they just don’t get it and they end up making matters worse. tv critics need to take some cultural diversity classes or training so that they can do better.

Yes ma’am..epic levels of fuckery!!!

I can’t believe it went to press, tbh. That seemed something more for a blog than the NYT. So inaccurate it hurts. I hope Shonda Rhimes got her dance on, because damn. Sometimes, you dance it off because you can’t kill people. 

I can believe it. The NYT have been trying it all summer long. Unarmed black kids are no angel when they are murdered. All black women are angry…but the thing that really stung was that classic beauty bit. Umm Viola is shitting on women half her age. Her skin is flawless and she’s gorgeous. They can keep their version of classical beauty..aka as close to white as possible.

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